Delicious coffee and cake, from 2 pm

Enjoy our irresistible selection of coffee and cakes in the Wald-Café! Our cozy restaurant invites you to take a break from walking or everyday life and treat yourself to delicious coffee and homemade cake and pie specialties from 2:00 pm. Come by and experience a moment of pleasure in the Wald-Café.

Delicious dishes in a cozy atmosphere

The Wald-Café impresses with its blend of tradition and innovation. This is reflected both in our menu and in the spacious rooms, which offer a cozy setting for an extended meal, events and celebrations. In good weather, we serve breakfast, coffee and cake on our terraces surrounded by the trees of the Ennert forest.

Our seasonal home-style cooking, 5pm - 10pm

We are inspired by the seasons and offer you new menus every week. You can expect a delicious selection of seasonal home-style cooking as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes. Take a look at our current menu and seasonal specialties.

Our seasonal menu

Delicacies from the spoon

Savory pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil 7,90 EUR
Beef goulash soup 8,90 EUR
Local potato soup with strips of smoked salmon 7,90 EUR

Vitamins with taste

Carpaccio of Argentinian Angus beef 17,90 EUR
with lime fillet, rocket and grated Parmesan cheese
Roasted goat's cheese with rosemary honey 16,90 EUR
served with a salad bouquet and an almond caramel coin
Two grilled turkey skewers with mild chili dip 16,90 EUR
on crunchy leaf salads and yoghurt dressing
Smoked salmon tartare and florets 16,90 EUR
with elderflower mustard, served with two small potato pancakes and salad bouquet
Crisp iceberg lettuce in a herb and mustard dressing 16,90 EUR
with tuna, red onions, tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and feta cheese
Rhineland brawn 17,90 EUR
with fried potatoes and Lena`s Remoulade

Our favorite dishes

Steamed cod fillet 24,90 EUR
on leek and cherry tomato vegetables with a fine mustard sauce and potato patties
Grilled pike-perch fillet 24,90 EUR
on Mediterranean ratatouille vegetables and gnocchi
Original Wiener Schnitzel from veal loin 21,90 EUR
with creamed mushrooms, French fries and a small salad
Gourmet plate from Holzlar 24,90 EUR
Small rump steak and a pork medallion with two different sauces, served with market vegetables and roast potatoes
Turkey steak on stewed fruit 21,90 EUR
with a calvados cream sauce and duchess potatoes
Two pork medallions 23,90 EUR
on creamed savoy cabbage with fried potatoes and hearty jus
Rump steak from Argentinian Angus beef 27,90 EUR
served with pepper cream, bacon bean bundles and fried potatoes
Hearty venison ragout from Eifel roe deer and stag 21,90 EUR
served with red cabbage and spaetzle
Roulade from the leg of venison 26,90 EUR
filled with prunes and bacon braised in red wine served with pointed cabbage and napkin dumplings
Fried strips of beef and pork fillet 19,90 EUR
in curry sauce on fine ribbon noodles with stewed cherry tomatoes
Beetroot risotto 19,90 EUR
served with roasted walnuts, fresh rocket and feta cheese

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

Lamb's lettuce with blueberry dressing 16,90 EUR
with fried goat's cheese wrapped in bacon
Finest goose liver 18,90 EUR
fried with onion and apple slices on fresh lamb's lettuce with potato dressing
Knusprige Gänsebrust 29,90 EUR
Crispy goose breast
Classic goose leg 29,90 EUR
with cranberry jus, bacon and Brussels sprouts and bread dumplings
Leg of goose a l`Orange 29,90 EUR
with classic orange sauce, cranberry red cabbage and potato dumplings
Your freshly roasted whole St. Martin's goose 119,00 EUR
with strong dark mugwort jus, apple red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and potato dumplings for four people. Please order this dish in advance so that we can serve it in the best quality. We are also happy to offer the goose for collection.

Comfort Food

Classic tiramisu 7,90 EUR
Homemade chocolate parfait 7,90 EUR
with wild berry compote
Duo of whole milk and dark chocolate mousse 7,90 EUR
with fresh fruits
Classic crème brûlée 7,90 EUR
Hot apple strudel 7,90 EUR
with custard

Opening hours

Coffee and cake, from 2 pm

Restaurant,  5 pm to 10 pm


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